It’s simple. We is greater than me.

We work exclusively in the civic sector with organizations that do good. 

Rêve Academy  + CaringBridge  + University of Minnesota  + Northland Foundation  +  PFund Foundation   + GHR Foundation  + Bush Foundation  + Community Involvement Programs  + Clearway Minnesota  + Margaret A. Cargill Foundation  + AIA Minnesota + Southside Family Nurturing Center  + GTS Educational Events  Minnesota Philanthropy Partners  + Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul  + Minnesota Chamber of Commerce  Genesys Works - Twin Cities  + McKnight Foundation  + Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity   +  Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota  + Ronald McDonald House Charities - Upper Midwest  + Blandin Foundation  Vista Prairie Communities  + Minnesota State Colleges and Universities  +  GiveMN  +  Intermedia Arts The Bridge for Youth Initiative Foundation

President and CEO Executive Director Associate Executive Director Associate Vice President Vice President, Advancement  Chief Operating Officer President Program Officer  Special Assistant to the President Chief Financial Officer Vice President, Communications Communications Director Program Director


We’re in the business of people and we know the impact of networks. In our first year, Ballinger | Leafblad has leveraged the generosity of social sharing to accelerate serendipity and ensure our searches reach as many potential candidates as possible.



LinkedIn 1st Degree Connections: 15,517

Twitter Followers : 9,559

Facebook Community (Ballinger | Leafblad) page: 778


700-800 average downloads per job description.

1,851 views for the GiveMN Executive Director was the most downloaded job description!  


We know that the civic sector not only benefits, but also needs diverse perspectives in leadership positions.

We seek to work with partners and clients who share those values and support our efforts to build new, and expand existing, talent pipelines of leaders of color and other underrepresented communities. We acknowledge our own need for continual growth in our understanding and practice of equity and inclusion in our work. Our team has engaged with a leading diversity training and coaching group to assist us and we will continue to invest in ourselves, our firm, and in our community to support this growth of understanding and action.


We know it’s not over after a candidate accepts an offer.


In our first year, we have invested in partnering with four onboarding coaches who represent the very best in organizational consulting and leadership development: Grayce Belvedere Young, MA, MBA  +  David Chapman, PsyD  +  Yvonne Cheek, PhD  +  Bruce Roselle, PhD, LP


We can’t reimagine search without the very best team. In our first year, we added four new team members, four onboarding coaches, and six advisory board members.


The civic sector is all about good people doing good work. Meet our good people:


 jill harmon     +     Diane Meskan      +     Nathan Perez     +     Holly Kelsey-Henry


We believe in surrounding our firm with the smartest and most-connected advisors. In our first year, we invited six of the civic sector’s most prominent leaders to guide our team as part of our official Board of Advisors.

Kate Barr + Rebecca Driscoll + Brad Finstad + Michael Rodriguez Goodson + Trista Harris + Phil McKoy


We spend a lot of time in coffee shops. In our first year, we embarked on a
different kind of a search… a search to find the right kind of office. 

We are proud to now call

550 Vandalia Street, Saint Paul



We couldn’t be more ready to welcome our second year of business. In this next year, expect big things from Ballinger | Leafblad. Yes, we hope to do even more great searches, but we will also focus on our commitment and practice of equity and inclusion. We will have big announcements around how we can do even more to give back to the community of organizations that do good in our region. And as always, we’ll continue to seek ideas, feedback and counsel from you, our most valued champions, on how we can best support you, your networks and your aspirations to make good happen.


We want to continue the conversation and invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


We know that we are unintentionally omitting friends, partners, collaborators and supporters but we want to extend a special thank you to the individuals below who've been part of our story this first year in business. Thank you for your partnership, friendship, counsel, support, referrals, encouragement, and business. We're so grateful to be building this organization with all of you! 


      Ben Aase

Shakeer Abdullah

Barb Adams Johnson

Susan Adams Loyd

Omar Akbar

Judy Alnes

Jen Alstad

Gail Anderson

Stephanie Andrews

Jo Ann Birkholz

Jannina Aristy

Jen Aspengren

Janice Aune

Leigh Bailey

Jeff Ballenthin

Brad Ballinger

Jack Baloga

Stephen Bariteau

Allison Barmann

Kate Barr

Kim Bartels

Linda Bearinger

Grayce Belvedere Young

Dave Berg

Pat Berg

Jesse Bergland

Sue Bergstrom

Jenna Berneck

Beth Bird

Peg Birk

Chancellor Lendley Black, UMD

Judy Blaseg

Terry Bock

Lisa Bodine

Robert Bollinger

Laura Bordelon

Laura Boyd

Dr. Trenda Boyum-Breen

Brenna Brelie

Ed Brewer

Chris Brooks

Ronnie Brooks

Brian Buhr

Scott Burns

Mike Buttry

Denise Byers

Armando Camacho

Cindy Chandler

Lois Carlson

Julie Carufel

Kevin Cashman

Dr. Chris Cassirer

Claire Chang

Yer Chang

Dr. David Chapman

Dr. Yvonne Cheek

Peg Chemberlin

Sally Chial

Bernadette Christiansen

Kim Christianson

Kate Cimino

Clare Cizek

Alex Clark

Katie Clark Sieben

Nina Clark

David Clusiau

Amy Cole

Emmett Coleman

Jay Coogan

Barbara Crosby

Angie Dahl

Jim Dalbey

Teresa Daly

Jim Delaney

Etty DeVeaux

Stephanie Devitt

Dave Dickey

Bill Donohue

Patrick Donohue

George Dow

Steve Downing

Duchesne Drew

Rebecca Driscoll

Sarah Duniway

Juli Durda

Daniel Duty

Kevin Ebben

Don Eitel

James Elasky

Mandy Ellerton

Jeremiah Ellis

President Eric Kaler

Dawn Erlandson

Sherry Essen

Becky Estby

Hilary Feder

Mike Felmlee

Chuck Feltz

Diane Fewer

Brian Fier

Janie Finn

Brad Finstad

Diane Fittapaldi

Peg Flanagan

Bryan Fleming

Jen Ford Reedy

J Forrest

Juliette Francis

Amelia Franck Meyer

Jeff Freeland Nelson

Lee Friedman

Mike Frommelt

Dee Gaeddert

Susan Gall

Dan Gallaher

Nate Garvis

Gene Gelgelu

Christa Getchell

Jennifer Godinez

Janel Goff

Jennifer Golding

Joan Grathwol Olson

Kelly Groehler

Janet Grove

Jan Haeg

David Hakensen

Colin Hamilton

MayKao Hang

Bill Hansen

Phil Hansen

Ben Hanten

Carly Hare

Jill Harmon

Louise Harris

Trista Harris

Rabbi Hayim Herring

Wendy Helgeson

Steve Helland

Helen Henson

Amy Hertel

Cindy Hinderks

Jennifer Hjelle

Gene Hoff

Bill Hopkins

Jane Hopkins Gould

Adreanne Hoppe

Jody Horner

Matt Hunt

Matt Hunter

Blake Iverson

Larry Jacobs

Mark Jaffe

Barbara Joers

Charlotte Johnson

Emy Johnson

Jen Keavy

Holly Kelsey-Henry

Janet Kendra

Ken Kerns

Sean Kershaw

Beth Kessler

Dawn Kessler

Morgan Kinross-Wright

Mary Kloehn

Kate Knuth

Karen Kodzik

Stephen Kolcinski

Chris Kopka

Matt Kramer

Stephanie Kravetz

PK Kriha

Terri Krivosha

Leslie Krueger

Elizabeth Kruger

Vanessa Laird

Jon Larsen

Tucker LeBien

Kent Horsman

Maren Leafblad

Jane Leonard

Jeff Lessard

Matt Lewis

Scott Litman

Mike Logan

Leah Lundquist

Sarah Lutman

Debby Magnuson

Sally Mainquist

Gill Mann

Kristine Martin

Chris Mayr

Therese McCauley 

Georgann McClure

Phil McCoy

Beth McGuire

Catherine McGuire

Kara McGuire

Bill McKinney

Phil McKoy

Bob McMaster

Beth McMullen

Terry Meersman

Sona Mehring

Jen Menke

Jeri Meola

Diane Meskan

Sandy Middendorf

Jamie Millard

Gayle Mitchell

Beth Monsrud

Pam Moret

Larry Morgan

Katina Mortensen

Dana Mortenson

Kate Mortenson

David Motzenbecker

Ann Mulholland

Jim Mulrooney

Ashley Murphy

Meghan Murphy

Katie Nadeau

Dana Nelson

C. David Nelson

Terri Nelson

Darla Nemec

Michelle Ness

      David Nicholson

Jennifer Niemela

Kate Nordstrum

June Noronha

Tony Novak

Beth Nunnally

Kellee O’Reilly

Liwanag Ojala

Enrique Olivarez

Blois Olson

Ryan Olson

Tom Olson

Trina Olson

Rachel Palermo

Kristin Pardue

Anita Patel

Luciano Patino

Kathryn Pearson

Sami Pelton

Tim Penny

Nathan Perez

Suzanne Perry

Naomi Pesky

Richard Pfutzenreuter

Amy Phenix

Beth Pinkney

Dave Pinto

Tad Piper

Jon Pratt

Patricia Pratt Cook

Abigail Pribbenow

Jamie Proulx

Jeff Prouty

Luther Ranheim

Diane Rauschenfels

Ember Reichgott Junge

Patrice Releford

Tom Renier

Laurence Reszetar

Tom Rider

Sara Riedel

Dr. Bruce Roselle

Anne Rizzo

Michael Rodriguez Goodson

Nancy Rosenbaum

Chancellor Steven Rosenstone

Lauren Ross

Jack Ruppel

Ann Ruschy

Jon Ruzek

Jane Salmen

Barbara Satin

Vineeta Sawkar

Carole Saylor

Rob Scarlett

Kristel Scheer

Bob Schoenbaum

Bob Schroeder

Eric Schubert

Tony Sertich

Mike Seymour

Nathaniel Shea

Damon Shoholm

Marti Sichko

Dina Simon

Lee Skaalrud

Nora Slawik

Suzanne Smith

Nils Snyder

Jodi Standke

Phil Strom

Katie Stuckert

Vicki Stute

John Swanholm

Tamara Tasche

Matthew Taylor

Bo Thao-Urabe

Dee Thibodeau

Shayla Thiel Stern

Kathy Thomforde

Jeff Tollefson

Bill Tolman

Amee Tomlinson

Diane Tran

Mandy Tuong

Terri Tupy

Scott Turner

Rosemary Ugboajah

Cassie Utt

Garrick Van Buren

Diana Vance Bryan

Sandy Vargas

Brad Von Bank

Andrea Walsh

Chuck Walt

Anika Ward

Hamse Warfa

Craig Warren

Jonathan Weinhagen

Chad Weinstein

Alfonso Wenker

John Wernz

Pam Wheelock

Coya White Hat-Artichoker

David Whitesock

Ann Wiesner

Claire Wilson

Lucinda Winter

Stephanie Wissink

Kate Wolford

Noya Woodrich

Ed Zabinski

Morgan Zehner

Beth Zemsky

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