The civic sector deserves the best.

The civic sector is all about good people doing good work. It’s a very Midwestern approach, which is just fine with us.


We interact respectfully, honestly and ethically. We do the right thing.  Successful hiring by boards and committees requires commitment, trust, vulnerability, resiliency and courage for all involved, including your search partners. 


We conduct our work as a team and want to include you in the process as much as possible. We believe a highly inclusive search will produce better hiring decisions.


We stand behind our commitments, our processes and our results. Individuals participating on hiring or search committees are the unsung heroes of organizational culture, governance and stewardship. They deserve nothing less than our best.


We will leave our communities in a better place as a result of our work. An executive search is more than a search; it’s an opportunity to share your story and deepen your relationships with those who matter most to your organization.