Good references tell you what resumes and interviews can’t.

In order to truly understand candidates, you need to talk to their references. That’s how you get candid information about where they excel, where they need to improve and what they’re like to work with.

Getting these details requires asking probing questions. Our executive reference consultants are trained journalists, gathering deep, thoughtful responses that allow us to make the most of references and gain a deeper insight into each candidate.

Holly Kelsey-Henry

Holly has been an obsessive wordsmith since she was eight years old, when she penned her first book in which the main character grew up to be a journalist. She’s worked as a writer, editor and media manager.

When Holly isn’t writing for newspapers, magazines or websites, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, cross-country skiing and advocating for animals. She serves as a board member for the Humane Society and the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation, and she volunteers for numerous ski and bike race events. 

Holly is an award-winning journalist, but despite her mother’s advice, she never quite got the “Don’t talk to strangers” rule.