Our reimagined approach to civic search is about trust and expertise.


Built for the Civic Sector

We work exclusively in the civic sector with organizations that do good—foundations, nonprofits, higher education institutions and professional associations. Good is different. And different is good.

We bring decades of experience to the table—proven methods, deep insights and diverse connections. The classic way to do business. But then we get different—we reimagine the search process for the civic sector. We focus on building trust. We forge a long-term relationship. The business of good people is about collaboration.

The world is evolving, organizations are being disrupted by technology and executive search is not immune to those changes. Ballinger | Leafblad is at the forefront of blending the traditional elements of trusted relationships with the power of reach. The synergy of the two provides a powerful approach to finding the best talent and fit.
— Brad von Bank, Rêve Academy

How Our Search Works

Trust: A Reimagined Approach

From our fixed-fee rates to involving our founding partners in every search, we have a different approach. Good is different. And different is good.

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Expertise: A Proven Method

Experience has taught us how to find the right candidates. We engage with the client, reach out to candidates, work through a decision and then build on success.

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